Summer favourites

Hey all my blogs have been a bit skew whiff recently and I apologise as I am still trying to figure out the best days for my blogs to go up. Would you guys prefer a chill Sunday read or a hustle and bustle midweek read? I’d love to know!

Summer is here and I can tell you now, no one is happier about it than I am. Living in the uk the majority of the year is spent in doom and gloom, rain and pain, thunder and slumber. But thankfully it has arrived and a wee bit earlier than expected. So without further ado heres what i’m loving this summer! I’ll leave the links for everything at the end of this blog so you can get your hands on these goodies!


Without h2o we’d die so If h20 isn’t a summer essential I don’t know what is! Stay hydrated and try and drink at least 2 litres of water a day! There isn’t a particular brand of water that i’m loving at the moment but if I had to chose my favourite would definitely be Highland spring straight from those Scottish mountains!


I’m absolutely loving the co-ord trend at the moment. A matching two piece not only brightens up my day but it brightens up my life and is just an outright great addition for the summer months!

I recently purchased a beautiful red polka dot one from quiz! I’ve had such an amazing response from this outfit, a lot of people have asked where it’s from and i’ve received a lot of compliments from it too!

Face masks

If you know me you know I have an unhealthy obsession with face masks. It’s just the fantasy of having clear skin that makes it such an easy obsession to have!

Its no secret that skin is more likely to get dehydrated in the summer months. So a summer skin mask i’m loving right now is the Saturday skin quench intense face mask. After having this mask on for 15 I feel like a new born baby ready to take on the world with my newly hydrated skin!

Gladiator sandals

So gladiator sandals are a summer classic, they pair with almost any outfit and can make a simple outfit look like a well put together piece. These dms are not only comfy but such a good statement shoe!

And thats all ya’ll! I hope you enjoyed and please let me know what you’re loving this summer! Ciao for now!


Quiz polka dot two piece



Saturday skin quench intense

Dm sandals-


My Top 3 vegan beauty products 2018

It’s no secret that vegan beauty brands are taking over the beauty scene as all natural products are a lot healthier not just for our skin but for our environment too. I’ve stopped buying beauty products that test on animals and will only use the brands that are not only overall healthier for us but overall more environmentally friendly.

So without further ado here are some of the vegan beauty products that i’m loving right now.

The ordinary Serum Foundation.

This cheap, cheerful and long lasting foundation is a foundation that I can no longer live without.

It states its suitable for all skin types which in my case is damn right! I have combination skin and its so hard finding the right foundation for me. I can’t stand really thick foundations full of oil nor can stand foundations that dry my skin out. So this one works an absolute dream, its so lightweight in consistency and covers up most if not all of my blemishes. You only need a few pumps and your good to go! I’ve had this foundation for about 2/3 months now and considering how small the bottle is i’m only half way through!

I got mine in shade 2.1 which is a medium tone so if you’re naturally tanned and have an olive skin tone deffo five it a go!

Price: £5.75

Where: Cult beauty, Beauty Bay, The ordinary.

Optiat’s purifying organic hemp mask

This face mask is such a vibe and i’m officially obsessed with it. The smell of this mask alone makes me want to go camping and be at one with nature for the rest of my life. It’s full of all natural ingredients and helps to detoxify and really cleanse your skin. I use this mask once a week mainly because I’m a little bit on the lazy side but you can use it up to 3 times a week. After using it my skin feels so soft and all the grime from the day has been successfully removed!

Aside from the earthy smell and soft skin that I get to enjoy, the mask comes in a powder form so you get the benefit of being able to mix the mask together too which lets you live out your dream as a beautician from the comfort of your own home!

Price: £17.99

Where: Optiat, Cult beauty, body kind, ethical market etc.

Anastasia beverly hills pro series contour kit

This brand really speaks for itself over the past few years it has blown up and is so well known. Who woulda guessed that these guys are cruelty free and some of their products are vegan too! I got this contour pallet about a year ago and its still going strong I got it in the tones light to medium. Not only is it great at making my face not look like a potato but its so easy to apply and you only need a little bit of product.

Price: £42.00

Where: cult beauty, beauty bay, anastasia beverly hills.

And thats all folks there were so many more good brands and products that I would have loved to mention but I thought i’d keep it short and sweet! Don’t forget to let me know what your favourite vegan beauty products are as I’m always on the look out for new ones!

Ciao for now!

Kirsty’s Top 5 indoor plants

Hey all this blog is dedicated to my love of plants and how beneficial they are to have in your homes!

Its been a life long goal of mine to be at one with nature and to be surrounded by great fields with beautiful flowers and plants just living out my days.

Growing up in the city I always had to travel quite far to find the greatest nature spots. I moved out of the city about two years ago and i’m currently in a town in the suburbs. Never too far away from a great nature reserve.

But when overpopulation strikes you get a lot of homes all crowded next to one another never really being that close to nature. Thats why having indoor plants and outdoor plants are great at lighting up your life.

So here’s my guide to the best indoor plants, care tips and their benefits.

5. Cactus

This prickly plant is an indoor plant classic that you can get in so many different shapes, sizes and forms. Other than spicing up your home, forms of this plant actually have some nutritional value. The prickly pear cactus is known for treating diabetes, high cholesterol and hangovers. So the next time you wake up with a hangover scrap the full english and get your cactus out.

Care tips: This plant is for those with commitment issues it’s so low maintenance you can forget about it for a month and it’ll still be fine. However you should water your cactus once a month; you rarely need to do a lot else.

4. Philodendron Scanden

This plants name sounds like a spell and its no secret that its a magically beautiful plant. It can grow up to 4 ft which is quite tall for a house plant.

This particular plant is known to rid the air of xylene which is a chemical found in glues and leathers.

Unfortunately the leaves on this ‘philla’ are poisonous so if you have children or pets who want to take a bite out of there scrumptious looking leaves it’s probably best to keep these plants out of reach.

Care tips: A medium maintenance plant that likes indirect sunlight, in a warm environment. With philodendrons you can let the first inch of the soil dry out before watering again.

3. Calathea plant

This plant is splendid for adding a bit of colour to your home. With its bright and colourful leaves you’ll be sure to feel brighter in no time with one of these lighting up your life. Other than its colourful leaves this plant has air purifying benefits.

Calatheas are often referred to as the living plant this is because they close their leaves at night and open them again in the morning making a rustling noise.

Care tips: These guys are a bit more high maintenance and need regular water. When watering be sure to use distilled water as this plant does not like harsh water directly from the tap, so purified water in some way does well. You can also let tap water sit overnight before watering.

2. Palm plant

This gorgeously green plant is all leaves and tall stalks! Not only is it a great statement piece in any household. It is known to remove carbon monoxide from the air, and help improve your overall lung health.

Care tips: This plant does well without a lot of sunlight so will do well in corners of your rooms where its not exposed to a lot of sunlight. Palms need to be kept moist so therefore should not be left to dry out or sit in water, finding the right balance is key and you’ll be able to judge this by the soil. Palms need watering once a week.

1. Aloe Vera

Not your great aunt Vera but Aloe vera. This pointy beauty is known for its healing qualities such as helping to heal cuts and burns.

It’s also great to use in a homemade face mask just cut off one of its tethers open it up. Use the jelly and whisk together with some egg whites place the mixture on your face for 15, this helps to get rid of acne scars and improves skin elasticity.

This plant is also a natural air purifier, it helps to improve the quality of your indoor air and can also rid the air of chemicals associated with paint and some chemical cleaners.

Care tips: Aloe vera is a low maintenance plant and only needs watering every 2-3 weeks, and should be kept somewhere thats exposed to indirect sunlight.

And thats all folks I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I love plants and you feel inspired to get some of your own. If you already have some let me know what your favourite indoor plants are as imm always on the look out for some new editions.

Ciao for now!

Saraman the white (kirsty’s hair journey/tips)

Hey all as you can probably tell this blog post is not about the epic wizard in the hobbit and the evil villain in Lord of the rings but in fact about my hair journey and achieving a white blonde hair colour on naturally dark hair.

Through out the years i’ve had so many different hair colours. But in most recent years my hair has been predominantly blonde. I made the change about 2 years ago when I went from light pink to a silver/grey colour.

I’ve always struggled trying to get my hair light and more times than enough it had always gone ginger, orange, yellow, green you name it, it would go every colour under the sun before it went to the colour I wanted it. This is at hairdressers and with home bleach kits. On multiple occasions i’ve spent time crying over my hair.

I had come to terms with the fact that it’s just difficult to get my hair to the colour that I want it and it may take a few trips to the hair dressers to achieve this. But quite frankly thats a load of bs. If someone knows what they’re doing they will get it to the colour that you want the first time around.

Some of my salon must do’s:

1. if you have a trusted stylist who never fails you, stay with that stylist follow them half way across the country if you have to.

2. Don’t leave a salon unless you are 100% happy with your hair.

3. Tell your stylist exactly what you want don’t beat around the bush if you are open to interpretation then thats cool but if you’re not make sure you stand you’re ground.

4. If your stylist tells you that they can’t achieve what you’re looking for ask them why, if they hesitate or don’t give you a definitive answer go elsewhere.

5. Always Always make sure you know how much it will be before hand as you don’t want to get everything done and end up denting your bank account or even worse not be able to pay for it.

Some of my home bleach must do’s:

1. Get a home bleach kit you’re familiar with, if its your first time do a little research before hand as some work better for different hair types and textures.

2. Pick up a toner and some purple shampoo and conditioner to maintain it. If you are trying to go blonde/silver/white and if you’re going another colour but are lightening first try and get some colour friendly shampoo/conditioner to help your colour last.

3. If you have a sensitive scalp or have damaged hair lather your hair in coconut oil the night before you bleach it, this will help with the pain and cause less damage when bleaching.

4. Never leave bleach on your hair longer than the box tells you. If you can see that your hair is not the colour you want, always listen to the instructions because you can end up with more damage than you set out for. If its not the colour you want try a toner to neutralise it and if still not what you want wait a few weeks and then try again.

5. Deep condition! When you bleach your hair you lose a lot of your hairs natural oils and you want to be able to put those oils back in get some deep conditioner as this will put those good nutrients back into your hair and restore your hair back to normality.

An extra tip is to not wash your hair as frequently as you normally would the longer you can go without washing it will help your hair to naturally restore its oils.

Disclaimer: These are some tips that work for me, by no means am I a professional hairdresser.

And thats all folks I hope you enjoyed what are your hair bleaching stories? If you’d like to read more hair care tips etc leave a comment down below, i’d love to do more hair related blogs!

Ciao for now see you back here next week 🌸!

My writing journey now and then

In my tween and teenage years writing creatively was my biggest passion. I put my heart and soul into every word I ever wrote. I’d write frequently and at the time it was my choice of expression. It was something that came so easily to me, I could just pick up a pen and paper or a laptop and write for hours on end.

If you’ve read my university blog I briefly touched on my journey into college. If you haven’t long story short, I got two B’s in my English GCSE’S but much to my dismay I was unable to go on to study english higher than gcse level due to being a numeric mess.

I went on to study art and for the most part I was still an active creative writer. I’d write poems alongside my art and I found it to be something that went hand in hand. I’d also write fictional stories about mythical and magical creatures. As well as a lot of spoken word.

These days I seem to write more factual content where as before I didn’t really care much for the language side of english, but it seems as though as i’ve gotten older its something that’s taken my interest. Change is inevitable my style of writing and the content I write has definitely changed, naturally though because if It hadn’t changed i’d be rather worried.

I think the main reason being is that I feel as though so much of my time is taken up by work. My creativity levels seem to be focused solely on art and being the best artist I can be. Yet I’d love to get more life experience before I can start writing creatively again.

I’ve always wanted to bring out my own series of different books. Its a shame that I spend more time at work than doing what I love. I’d love to do that and get paid for it, yet if life was that easy we’d never have any drive.

And thats all folks! I’d love to hear about everyone else’s story, and how their writing has changed, I would have provided an example but it’s almost like looking back at photographs from 5 years ago- cringeworthy!

Ciao for now and i’ll see you back here next week.

Be the best you

I’m going to tell you that you’re guilty, what of you ask? Of looking at someone else and wondering why you aren’t at that stage in your life yet. And if you’re not guilty or have never been guilty I take my hat off to you because you must be a brand new breed of human.

It’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing whilst putting yourself down especially in this day and age with social media being such a big influence on everyones life.

What you see on social media is not always what it seems and where someone may look like they’ve got the most perfect life they probably don’t. People chose what they want to post and thats the beauty of these platforms because you don’t have to post what you don’t want people to see.

First off I want everyone to remind themselves that just because tom, dick and harry may be in their dream job, paid off their mortgage, are on holiday every weekend and have the most amazing skin that their life is not food for you to put yourself down or into a funk. Your time will come, we’re all on different journeys.

You have to put yourself first and think about being the best you first and foremost rather than thinking about being better than someone else because there will always be someone out there who is bigger and better than you and thats just a fact.

Another one of my tips is to try not to tell yourself that you want to be married by 26 and have kids by time your thirty. Don’t get me wrong its good to have goals but putting a timescale on your goals may lead you to feel disappointed later on down the line if your goals aren’t achieved in these timeframes. When the times right it will happen and you should never be scared of your age or getting old, like Aaliyah said in 1994 age aint nothing but a number(totally for different reasons though).

Lastly always remember that the person you think may have it all, has exactly what you do… and thats the means to fulfil your full potential no matter what your circumstances are if you want to succeed you will succeed. And if life throws you some bullshit that permits you from doing the things you want to then kick life in its face and keep going, you’ll find your path no matter what it may be.

Thats all folks, ciao for now i’ll see you back here next week.

My first facial

Last week my facial-ginity was taken, It was such a pleasant experience so much so i’ve now made a vow to myself to get one at least once a month.

I have always wanted a facial but never actually looked in to it until about a month or so ago. I’m on this whole self care journey and really want whats best for my skin and body. I think its healthy to want to better yourself and I mean at this stage in my life i’m all for natural enhancers and cleansers. I can’t definitively say I wont ever have plastic surgery because at this point in my life I have no wrinkles and no need to think about that I mean don’t get me wrong I’m against it and have never wanted these procedures, but who’s to say I won’t 30 years down the line?

But back on to the subject my whole no makeup week really made me put the whole facial plan into action. I booked in to a local spa in a hotel about a 10 minute drive away from me. I opted for an elemis anti blemish facial. If you read my skin care routine blog you’ll know that I have combination skin and although I have dry areas my skin can get quite oily at times so I opted for the one thats supposed to calm and mattify the skin.

The great thing about facials is theres so many different ones to chose from which are tailored to different skin types, they also do sensitive skin facias so if you’re choosing not to because you may have eczema or psoriasis, there are facials that can help that. As well as ones that may help get rid of acne. Always ask your aesthetician if you’re not sure which one you think may work best for you and they’ll be able to advise you on any queries you may have.

I went for a 25 minute facial, being new and all. This consisted of cleansing, massaging, extraction and steaming. It cost me £35 and if I went in for the 50 minutes that would be £60 but it is 100% worth the money.

So here’s the 411 on my facial experience, I showed up to my facial without makeup on but it’s not vital that you don’t they’ll still cleanse your face anyways. I was running a bit late due to saturday evening traffic, they advise that you turn up a little bit early so you can fill out a consultation. I was greeted at the reception and taken into this beautiful waiting lounge where I was offered water and a card to fill out. Not long after I was greeted by my aesthetician for the session.

I was taken into a massage type room where the aesthetician advised me to strip down to my underwear and get under some sheets, she left the room whilst I did so. The lights were dim and there was relaxing music playing in the background she returned and started to cleanse my face, my eyes were closed the entire time so I can’t fully inform you exactly what was placed on my face. There was a lot of creams and oil worked in to my skin which all smelt absolutely divine.

Then came the steaming, I have never had a steaming experience in my life. I was blasted with hot air, which was probably the most unpleasant part of the facial. It got quite uncomfortable as the steam was going up my nose the entire time I started to feel as though I couldn’t breathe but It was shortly over and all in all not that unpleasant.

Shortly after it was over, my skin felt soo soft and despite a little redness where I had a gathering of spots, my skin looked pretty good. I didn’t notice a crazy amount of difference straight away but I expected that. The next day I woke up and my skin looked an awful lot better my pores were practically invisible, my spots were still there but they were a lot less red and I was starting to see a significant glow.

The day after that however my skin was radiant, my spots had gone, my pores were still invisible and some blemishes were barely visible. For the rest of the week my skin looked amazing.

Overall my facial experience has been astounding and I 100% recommend that you try one at least once! If you’re in the Essex area and want to know where I got mine done the link is down below.

Thats all folks ciao for now and i’ll see you back here next week!

Where I got mine-

My no makeup week

This post was delayed not because I forgot but because I wanted to detail the experience the best I could, I recorded my experience over seven days keep reading to find out how it went!

This week has been a stressful one and maybe its because I have started work at 8 when i’ve been so used to going to bed late and still getting a full 9 hours sleep, or maybe it’s because I had no makeup on?

If i’m being honest no makeup on for a week would have definitely been a stressful experience for 18 year old me. Yet 20 year old me doesn’t feel this experience is so bad. At the end of last week(or well I had these three horrendous spots all placed out diagonally across my face and I have no idea why? Who am I kidding I probably fell asleep with my makeup on at least once last week and have been eating a load of junk.

Since I was 16 I have only ever left the house without makeup on if I was sick or I was not going very far.

So this week has been a really big step for me, quite frankly I just want good skin the type of skin that doesn’t require me to ever have to wear foundation again but we can’t always get what we want. i’m just going to keep aspiring to luminous dewy awake looking skin. Heres my little journey into this realm and how it started

Day 1 Taking the leap : I really did not want to get up for work today I was so tired and having two days off in a row really f’s my sleeping pattern up. I finally got out of bed after snoozing for an hour with only 15 minutes to get ready and to get to work calling in sick was all too easy but all hail my damn self I did it i got up I got ready ordered a taxi and was out the door making it to work with a whole 15 seconds to spare!

But I did not put on makeup, I mean yeah I did not have the time yet if this was me last week I would have totally been just so that I could do my makeup.

Towards the middle of the day I felt a teeny bit self conscious about my brows and I thought I might as well get them done today when I have no makeup on so that I don’t end up with patchy makeup- this is also the first time i’ve gotten my brows done in about 2 years .

Day 2.

Today I spent 45 mins snoozing but got up with more time to get ready than the last again I put in little to no effort getting ready and got out of the door at quarter to. Makeup was the last thing on my mind and after pulling off the first day quite successfully and that feeling of I can actually do this I was ready for tomorrow. I ended the day with the Loreal pure clay detox mask with charcoal and it was great!

Day3/4 . Alot like day 2 woke up with the same amount of time to get ready, however I woke up today feeling as though it was the end of the week, these early starts really had me confused. Either way no makeup and out the door I was again.

Day 5- I made it through work I woke up today with 45 minutes to get ready but I did not have to do a lot and my usual makeup routine was out the window and I felt pretty damn good I still had spots but nothing too significant. Work was over so quickly and I was able to actually relax and feel better.

Day 6- So today I caught up on so much sleep I woke up feeling refreshed and happy. I was meeting up with my oldest friend we have been friends since we were two, even though we’ve both moved away and are doing grown up things we still make the time to see one another, she drove down to visit me and we had a catch up and got a facial! We’re both facial virgins and this was our first facial, now let me tell you this was the most relaxing experience of my life and I would jump at the opportunity to get one again.

Day 7- I woke up today with a great 9 hours of sleep and my skin felt sooo damn soft, my pores were practically invisible and o’ ryans bell had vanished from my face. I was so happy with my skin which is a rarity and this entire experience has been a great step towards me being more comfortable in my own skin literally.

After this week I will definitely be doing a lot more for my skin and trying the absolute best to limit my makeup amounts. I also hope to be getting some more facials in the next few weeks!

And thats all ya’ll I hope you enjoyed next week I’ll talk about my first facial experience for those who are wondering what its like and what to expect. Ciao for now.

Style favourites

This is something that i’ve wanted to blog about for a while, but figuring out what my favourites actually are is quite difficult, so i’ve chosen two/ three for each category. I hope you all enjoy!


If you have a good jacket/coat you have a good outfit, i’ve been obsessed with jackets for so long and have so many, but here are three of my favourites right now!

1. Aviator shearling jacket- this is a mens jacket but its so comfortable and was definitely a jacket that helped me through the colder months! I got it on asos and the quality of it is great. As its a mens oversized jacket i’d advise to get the jacket one size down or two sizes down if you’re a shorter shawty.

I got this for the full price but its on sale at the moment for £32.00 which is amazing considering how good of a jacket it is!

2. Classic Levi’s denim jacket- This jacket has been through so much it was my dads before it was mine and I absolutely love wearing it, its a jacket that I believe will never go out of fashion and who knows i may even pass it down to my kiddos one day!

I’ve seen similar available on asos market place, rockit and beyond retro! They’ve always got some good vintage buys!

3. The grandma coat- they don’t call me the magpie of the family for no reason, this coat was in fact my grans coat but she was going to give it a way to charity so I tried it on and have been loving it ever since!

Check your local charity stores maybe someone else’s gran gave away the other one to this coat… I’ve seen the same style coat just in a lighter colour on asos if you’re interested!


Finding the right trousers and jeans for your body shape is such a big part of finding the bottoms that work well for you, I’ve had many trousers that make me look frumpy or do nothing for my shape. I’m 5’7 and have a small waist and bigger hips so I always opt for high waisted trousers.

1. American Apparel riding pant- These are my all time faves i’ve had these trousers for about 4 years now and apart from a broken zip that has been replaced they are still going strong. The unfortunate thing is that aa no longer have shops in the uk and even more saddening they don’t actually do these pants anymore. Luckily

I’ve seen these available on depop, ebay and amazon. However if you’re looking for first hand i’ve seen similar trousers available in new look and on pretty little thing.

2. Embroided mom jeans- I got these last summer from h&m in a sale and there such a good statement trouser to style with a t-shirt or a shirt!

These are now sold out but they still have variations of them on the website, they have them in blue too! I’ve also seen some available in Zara.

And thats all guys, just thought i’d share with you what my favourites are at the moment for jackets and trousers. The next one I do i’ll try and include some more recent buys so you can all get your hands on them too and some more categories as well, ciao for now.

Our impact on the world

This blog was sparked by being on the motorway last week, from the corner of my eye I saw a dead rabbit in the worst way and it led me to think that if this road wasn’t here that rabbit would have been alive and doing rabbit things! Then I got to thinking about everything else that we ruin for all the other species and well my head was just off on a spiral of everything that we’ve done to hurt the planet.

Its no secret that us hoomins are completely destroying this earth every day. Even if we all did our bit it would in no way reverse what we’ve already done but it may make it a little better.

From endangering species, to polluting the air we breathe in, to contaminating the oceans, to causing global warming. We’re all so caught up in social media and all the little things that don’t actually matter. One thing that we should all agree on as a human race is that if we continue the way we are we may no longer have an earth to live on. If that doesn’t encourage someone to make a change then god knows what will.

I’m not asking for a new planet, i’m asking us to try and fix the one we live in make it a healthier place a place where you can breathe, a place where we can grow,a place where we can preserve the nature and let this world live on for our future generations. I don’t want my children to have never seen a tree cause that’s just plain depressing.

The sad truth is that no one cares enough everyones so caught up in there own little bubble. But who’s actually thought about what may happen if the earth just disappears?

Here are some of my tips to helping make a change!

1. Recycle, if you don’t already- do it! It can help reduce pollution and also means that if we’re recycling more we’re increasing the amount of recycled materials that are being made which means that we won’t be taking from direct sources.

2. Limit the amount of solid waste that you use as this can reduce the amount of space used at land fills. You can do this by trying to buy less food and if you have left overs instead of throwing them out share them with your neighbour or even with the homeless.

3. Walk, cycle, scoot, get public transport or invest in an electric car? The amount of greenhouse gas emissions can be vastly reduced if non- electric cars weren’t on the road.

Saving the planet shouldn’t be boring here are some fun tips to try out too!

1. Get a bee hive, you may even be able to produce your own honey and without bees we would last for 60 years.

2. Get some LED light bulbs instead of halogen or ones not only are they available in different colours they also use a lot less energy

3. Holiday in your home area, yes we all love jetting off but why not explore the country you’re already in get a few friends together and go on an adventure, it’ll not only save you some money but it’ll reduce air pollution too.

4. Don’t use plastic bags, instead carry a cloth bag, I will be producing some just in time for summer this year so you too can get on the bandwagon.

5. Cut up the plastic rings you get on beer, there invisible in the water so wildlife can suffocate or choke on them.

6. Use containers- ditch the cling film and the sandwich bags.

7. Grow your own food! Not only does it reduce the travel costs from buying food that is not grown in your country its also a lot healthier and you know what you’re putting into your body.

8. Make your own candles and use them to light up your house on a romantic night in.

9. Buy things with the least packaging and avoid buying products that are individually wrapped.

10. Travel back in time one night a week, turn off all of your appliances play board games and talk to one another!

And thats all guys, I hope you all enjoyed please feel free to let me know some of your tips of saving the planet. And i’ll see you back here next week. Ciao for now!