All things sweet

Hi i’m kirsty, i’m 20, and i’m addicted to sugar.

Although i’m 20 sugar actually affects me in a way that it would affect a chid, I get a sugar high and become extremely hyper. I mean I don’t do a lot else, I only drink alcohol on special occasions and I don’t do drugs. Sugar is definitely my biggest addiction alongside nicotine.

Some would say I have a sweet tooth i’d agree, so much so that i’ve actually had to have teeth taken out. Diabetes runs in my family and i’m lucky that even with the amount of sugar i’ve consumed in my lifetime that I haven’t developed it as yet.

But if I continued as I did, I sure as shit would have. I wont write this blog as if I have completely quit cold turkey. But i’ve definitely cut some bad sugar habits out of my lifestyle. I’m 5’7 a uk size 12 and weigh 9 stone, which is surprising considering how much garbage I used to eat.

The first being fizzy drinks, I used to drink fizzy drinks at least 2-3 times a day. It would give me a temporary buzz but i’d be left feeling sluggish and would frequently get headaches. What was my poison you ask? Pepsi. Yes thats right the stuff that is also used as a pesticide alternative, metal cleaner, rust remover and a substance to clean car battery terminals.

I often wonder whether my overuse of fizzy drinks through out my childhood has actually stunted my brain development. I can write well. but speaking and stringing together sentences when trying to get a point across or telling a story is actually quite a challenge for me. I often find myself saying “um” or using filler words. I have a bad short term memory- if it didn’t happen over a week ago don’t speak to me about it.

Having read an article online quite some time ago about the daily use of fizzy drinks causing brain damage. I was questioning why they still produce and sell them in shops everywhere when its so damaging to us not only physically but mentally too. It just goes to show that if its benefiting an economy the people in power don’t give a shit as to what it’s doing to us. It makes you wonder what else they’re feeding us?

The next being, picking up every sugary thing at the supermarket from cherry bake wells to jammy dodgers to strawberry laces. Sweets you say? Thats going straight in my basket! I’d spend ages looking through the sweet, biscuit and bakery isles. These shops were a daily occurrence, no matter what time of day or night it was. I found that i’d spend so much money on all things sweet and they’d just disappear so quickly.

So these days if I don’t have any sweets in the house I just make do with what I have instead of trying to buy everything just to feed my addiction.

Finally I try to not snack as much anymore and only eat extremely sugary things after my meal as apposed to throughout the day.

But I still have a very long way to go, I’m only at the beginning of this journey and I hope to continue to keep cutting sugar out of my diet slowly. Later on in the year I’ll post an update of my sugar journey.

And thats all folks If you’ve quit sugar yourself i’d love to hear about your tips and what you eat instead?

I Hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday. Ciao for now!


My lipstick favourites


Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with lipstick. I’ve adored lipstick since I was a little whipper snapper and I can’t imagine a life without the stuff. I’m not a big fan of glossy lipstick so I probably won’t mention any in this post but if you want me to try some out by all means leave some comments down below!



I’ve had quite a few people enquire about which red lipstick I wear as its the colour I most frequently wear. For the past 5 years I was completely and utterly devoted to macs rooby woo, matte lipstick, it is definitely still one of my favourites. But a new type of lipstick has taken over and its the Feel so grande retro matte liquid lipstick by mac. The feel so grand lipstick is highly pigmented and it doesn’t make your lips feel as dry afterwards where as most non liquid matte lipsticks do.



I have a few nude favourites, I started off loving macs velvet teddy its such a rare gem as every time I go into a store to try and pick it up they never seem to have it. It has such a creamy consistency and is a very neutral colour. One of my other favourites is macs retro matte liquid lipstick in burnt spice, again its got beautiful pigmentation and is such a lovely every day colour!

But my favourite at the moment is from a brand that started out doing hair and is solely a hair brand, yet they recently brought out a makeup range I got gifted a set of all there liquid matte lipsticks at christmas and let me tell you this was one of my favourite Christmas presents there are so many beautiful shades. The infamous brand is bleach london and my favourite nude shade is in Gordon Brown. I find not only is this a great colour on its own but from time to time I mix lipsticks together to create different shades and this is such a good one to mix with!

Peachy Pink

I have a few peach/ pink favourites, its not only till recently that i’ve pushed the boat out into colours that aren’t nude or red.

Peach is a colour that I’m really into right now . Blistex do a liptint in peach that not only moisturise your lips but tints them whilst there at it. Its definitely a winter fave, after all we are in dry lip season. My all time peach fave is another by bleach london in the shade awkward peach.


Pink isn’t a colour that I wear often as I find it a little bit on the bright side with my complexion. That being said I will wear it if I am wearing pink clothes. A pink shade that I really like at the moment is bourjois velvet matte lipstick in so hap’pink. My only problem with it is that the consistency isn’t the best, so you have to wear it with a liner. But my go to pink is urban decays comfort matte vice lipstick in the shade backtalk. I find that this is a pink that compliments my complexion and lasts all day.

Links to all the products I spoke about in order:

Ruby woo

Feel so grand

Velvet teddy

Burnt spice

Gordon brown

Awkward peach



And thats all folks! I hope you’re all having an amazing Sunday. If you want more makeup favourites please leave comments down below! And also leave your own lipstick favourites down as i’m always on the look out for good lipstick!

Ciao for now, i’ll see you back here next week!

Illustration and I

Today I thought I’d share my artwork with everyone, I was originally going to go into depth about my art journey but I thought i’d let my art do the talking. As it stands I currently don’t have an online portfolio and in no way would I like this to resemble one but for those who may be interested in seeing how my art has progressed, or interested in more pieces that I may have not posted on my blog you’ve come to the right place. I intend to post about what my full journey with art has been like at a later date but for now sit back and enjoy a lovely array of images. I’ll also leave links at the bottom for my art social media account and where to buy my art if you’re interested.

My style has changed a lot over the years, I think it would be rather weird for it not to as i’m always growing as an artist and a person. One thing that has stayed the same however is that i’m extremely fascinated by nature not just by its beauty but by the power and the structures behind certain ailments of it. I believe that humans have a very strong impact on the environment and it’s important that we protect the planet that we live on and always be at one with the world. A lot of the time I draw what I think the world should ideally be like and sometimes I just draw simply because I want to and simply because I can.


tree kirsty

June 2015- My final piece for my first year studying art & design completed with, charcoal, oil paint and pencils.


October 2016- A digital piece for a unit done about magazines, I designed for my second year studying. 


April 2017- Flower drawings done for my last year studying, completed with black paint and white gel pens.

Recent pieces

I finished studying in July of last year, what you’re about to see will be a compilation of some work completed since that time.

blue girl copy

Scan 4_edited-1

copy girl watermark

red bird copy

desert vibes pink sky _edited-2


white hair lady copy

Japanese red copy

I hope you all enjoyed the visuals, I am open for commissions and as promised below are all my social media links for ya’ll as well as my email address to contact me if you’d like commission based work! I hope you all have a lovely day and i’ll see you back here next week.











My life in the working world

knowledge2 edit_edited blog_edited-1

Happy sunday everyone! I hope you’re all having a lovely day and hope that you’ll join me as I share with you what my experience has been like in the working world and what my goals are for the future.

From a young age I wanted to be able to earn my own money and depend on myself, even if it was just for pocket-money. I remember making bracelets at the age of 8 and selling them to the kids in my area for 20p. This progressed on to me applying for jobs when I turned 16, however without the experience it was rather difficult.

In January 2015, I applied for a programme called Hackney 100. It was a programme that was set up by the local council for 16 to 17 year olds to gain valuable work experience, this enabled me to go on to a six-month paid work internship in the ‘illustration’ industry. I spent my time at an advertising agency in the heart of Shoreditch. Here, I worked as a runner/receptionist, I gained great confidence and met some amazingly talented people as well as seeing production and post-production processes and adverts in the making. My time here helped me recognise the passion and ambition I had within myself. 

When my contract was up, I had just finished my level 2 course in art and design. I moved college, I started working for a hospitality agency and worked in places like the emirates and Twickenham rugby ground. I then moved out of London and into Essex. I went on to working in a pub, I did this part-time for 2 years whilst studying. I worked at various different pubs, building up my customer service skills.

My course shortly finished and I was still working part-time, my plan when I finished college was to get an apprenticeship in the industry. However due to circumstances I undertook a full-time job that helped me pay the bills. Things don’t always go to plan and that should never discourage anyone. We never know when things might change and we should always be ready for what ever life throws at us.

After a few short months of searching I found something that wasn’t necessarily what I imagined myself doing. I’m currently working for an insurance company full-time as a customer services agent it supports me financially, builds up my experience and I’m able to do my art on the side.

My obsession for all things creative derives from my mother being a textile designer. I grew up in the midst of her madness, the days where the house was hectic and there was lycra, velvet, snake skin, leather, ribbons and trinkets everywhere. She would design and make these stunning dresses amongst wallpapers and postcards. 

I try to take advantage of the spare time I do get, I’m always drawing and creating. I currently use society 6 as a tool to get my art work out there, I believe that the internet is a great place for artists to thrive and the opportunities are endless. My life long goal is to own my own creative business, growing my experience and skill set along the way. I eventually want shops set up worldwide where people can buy my art and also have the opportunity to learn for free. I want knowledge to be available to people of any age and level. I want classes/ workshops to take place in my shops. When classes aren’t happening I want the extra space to be available as a studio or a place where people can come and study. Being an artist is expensive, especially when it comes to using a studio, that’s why I want creatives to have facilities and a space thats free to use.

Eventually I’d like to expand my blogging too, so far I’ve posted all but one of my blog posts alongside a piece of art work. The reason being is that I like visuals as well as letters and I like the art to tell the story as well as the words do. I want to take it to the next level and illustrate my blog posts, through video using animation, telling the stories through visual art as well as words. I haven’t the first clue of how animation works but over the next year or so whilst building on my blog, I hope to learn more about this – I will keep you posted on how it goes.

Although the jobs that I’ve been doing may not necessarily be in relation to the industry that I want to be in it’s all experience and will help me build and grow as a person.

Having had the opportunities and experiences described above, I still feel I am only at the beginning of an artistic and creative learning process and have this soul wrenching urge to take it further. I want to explore all types of creativity and I believe that teaching myself art, whilst selling my art online , will not only help me to learn relevant techniques and mediums but offer me the chance to test and expand my abilities and ambitions. I also believe that obtaining these skills will be important to any potential future career path and help achieve my goals.   

Thank you everyone for coming on this journey with me, I hope you enjoyed it! I’d love to hear about all of your goals too so please feel free to comment them down below and let me know how I did!

Stay tuned as I’ll be back here next week!

My favourite vegetarian rice recipes

desert vibes pink sky _edited-2

Happy sunday everyone here are some of my favourite vegetarian rice recipes. I’ve provided three quick and simple recipes for those who may miss eating meat or substitutes for those who may want to try a meat free dinner! Theres also a purely veggie recipe for any vegans out there or those who just love vegetables! My mum taught me to cook and where I mention Andrea thats a mummy Malcolm recipe. Any who I hope you enjoy and let me know if you try anything!

Kirsty’s home made vegetarian paella 

Veggie paella

Cooking time 20-30 mins


1 can of red kidney beans/1 can of 5 bean salad

A 1/4 bottle of pasta sauce

2 vegetable stock cubes

1 tsp soya sauce

Pepper to taste

1 cup of uncooked white rice

3 veggie sausages


  1. Place a pot with water on the hob and bring to the boil, pour in your cup of white rice, stirring occasionally, boil for 10 minutes.
  2. Whilst the rice is boiling place two vegetable stock cubes in a frying pan and pour 200ml of water in and stir.
  3. Then pour in a 1/4 bottle of sauce in, for this I used the Ragu bolognese sauce, but you can use any, give it a good stir.
  4. Drain the kidney beans or 5 bean salad which ever you prefer. Slowly pour the beans into the pot keep stirring once all mixed in let simmer on a low heat for 5 then add the soya sauce and pepper.
  5. In this time the rice should be done, drain the rice and let sit for a while so that its relatively dry. Add the rice to the pan, stirring everything in.
  6. You may want to turn the heat up to just above medium, the sauce will start to bubble keep stirring whilst the liquid starts to absorb in the rice.
  7. Turn the heat down and continue stirring for a few minutes!
  8. Adhere to the cooking instructions on the packet of your favourite veggie sausages. Once done add to the pan and stir in! For this I used the linda mccarthys red pepper and chorizo ones. (Dependent on how long they take you may want to put the veggie sausages on first so there ready in the same time)

Kirsty’s spinach and chickpea curry

Cooking time 15-20


2 tbsp curry paste (mild, hot, v hot whatever you prefer)

1/2 can of chickpeas

250g of baby spinach

1 cup of basmati rice

1/2 chopped onion

1/2 a tsp of Cumin

1/2 a tsp of cayenne pepper

10 g of coriander


  1. Heat the curry paste in a pan on a medium heat add the onions and cook until soft. Dependent on the consistency of the sauce if its too thick add some water if its not you can leave this step out.
  2. Add in the cumin, cayenne pepper and any other spices you want to add. Stir them in, drain the chickpeas if your using them from a can and pour into the sauce. Stir occasionally for about 8 minutes.
  3. Add the spinach and coriander leave for a further 2 mins and serve alongside rice!

Kirsty’s vegetarian jerk bbq wings with Andreas rice and peas

jerk bbq rice and peas 

30-40 mins


1 can of kidney beans

1 cup of uncooked white/brown rice

1/4 bottle of Sweet baby rays honey bbq sauce

1/2 cup of coconut cream

Qourn southern fried bites

1 clove of garlic

2 sprigs of spring onions

Thyme (optional)



  1. Start off by chopping up your spring onions and dicing your garlic
  2. Pre heat the oven to 220 c/ gas mark 7, and place your water in a pot on the hob and bring to the boil
  3. Place the rice into the pot once water is boiling leave and stir occasionally for 10 mins
  4. Make sure the rice is soft, if there is any water left over drain the majority before adding the kidney beans, coconut cream, garlic spring onions or thyme (optional). Leave a quarter of the spring onions for later.
  5. Turn the heat down and simmer for 20 mins
  6. Place the southern fried Quorn bites on to a baking tray and place on the middle shelf leave them to cook for 18 mins.
  7. Once the bites are done place in a bowl and pour the sauce on them if you want more sauce don’t be afraid to add more stir together ensuring the bites are covered then place the spring onions on top.
  8. The rice should now be done, place rice and bites on to a plate and enjoy!!

And thats that, here are my favourite vegetarian rice recipes, please comment your favourites down below and i’ll be sure to give them ago! Stay tuned as i’ll be back here next week!


Pink girl

It’s more than likely that at some point in our lives we will be faced with the option to go or to not go. This blog is an insight into my reasons for not choosing university as a way to expand my knowledge and grow as a person. Please sit back and relax whilst you read through my journey in to the real world.

It was around this time last year where I was faced with poll taking in my contextual studies class, this particular poll was for those who would be going to university or for those going to do an apprenticeship. When said poll arose it was over in a matter of seconds, I made an irrational decision and went with the majority of the class that wanted to go to university . Before hand I hadn’t had put in much thought in to what I wanted to do. University was something that I just didn’t see myself doing, an apprenticeship was certainly the more appealing option. However a year on, I did not choose either.

I applied for uni like the majority of the country just leaving school/sixth form/college. I was now in the running to become my parents favourite child and potentially the very reason that my then teacher got their bonus. I got accepted in to university without showing up to an interview, which to me is rather fishy. Lets go back 50-60 years where only 4% of school leavers were going to university, however today more than 40% of young people are on undergraduate degrees. University’s have changed an awful lot since and one of those changes is the variety of courses that you can take. The most absurd degree that I’ve heard of is the Beyoncé degree yes you read that right. A course that is available at the Rutgers University in New Jersey, in the women and genders section. Which you can’t really knock if you like the queen B herself want to succeed in being fierce and fabulous.

There are degrees in virtually anything these days, which is certainly beneficial if you like me aren’t the academic type or are interested in something that isn’t taught in a school. Knowledge is widely available in this day and age, the resources are out there. you just have to look hard enough. I’m a firm believer in the self-taught approach teachers are there to help and guide us, but we’re the ones who have it in us, we’re the ones who take in that information and no matter whether your learning from a person stood in front of you, from a book that you’ve taken out or a video that you’ve watched, you’re the one taking it in. Personally I’d prefer to have taught myself than waste £40,000 on a degree that may not even secure me a job afterwards.

Degrees are advertised to make you think that you are guaranteed a job at the end of it or that you have more of a chance than someone without a degree. This certainly isn’t the case I’ve been in many of jobs and met people who have been to university for science for example and are now working in a bank. Getting a job isn’t easy and is definitely made harder when there are millions of other people applying for the jobs with the same qualifications as you. Employers like degrees for the fact that it shows them you’re able to stick at something for a long period of time… but what might set you aside from the majority is the experience that you hold. Employers want to know that you have experience in the working world before they take you on. Most degrees allow you to take a placement year, which I advise anyone currently on a degree to take advantage of.

Brief story of my journey

I studied art for 4 years including a baby steps year where I was teaching myself. I absolutely adored learning about all the different areas of art and design, I was so fascinated by it all and enjoyed studying alongside students with a teacher who helped if you got stuck. Yet I found that in my last year of studying I was teaching myself more than anything, I was learning about different techniques and I loved this way of learning as opposed to be by being taught by someone else. This was the main reason that I did not choose the university life, the other main reason was due the fact that illustration courses are so largely infiltrated by the digital world. I enjoy digital work, but whats so wrong with good old-fashioned paper and pen?

A year on from the land of poll taking, I’m selling my artwork online making plans to set up my own business whilst building up my professional portfolio so I can go out and achieve the goals that I want to. The downside is that just starting out does not pay the bills, so I’m also working full-time in insurance.

For anyone reading, considering going to university, the first rule of thumb is that you should be going for you, for your own reasons and if you want that degree as bad as you want to live then go get it. However if you are contemplating not going please don’t be discouraged to go against it there are an awful lot of successful people who did not go to university and are making a killing.

Please feel free to leave your experience with university down below and stay tuned as next week I’ll be back here with some of my favourite vegetarian recipes!





Skin care routine

copy girl watermark


I just want to make everyone aware before reading this, that I don’t have perfect skin, I never have and I probably never will yet there are a few things that I do to look after my skin the best that I can. I have combination skin, so it’s been quite a difficult journey finding products that work right for me, but now that i’ve found them I swear my life by them.


For cleaning and cleansing all that bad energy.

I’m not a dermatologist but cleaning your face is so so important and using wipes only simply doesn’t cut the mustard. Theres nothing wrong with using wipes however if you’re using them for the sole purpose to clean your face you’re making a big mistake. No matter how much of the wipe you use and no matter whether its a clean bit, wipes tend to push the makeup all over your face so make sure you wash your face once wiping it otherwise it will just become a breeding ground for bacteria to build up and form spots. Try to use wipes that aren’t scented as scented wipes are known to irritate the skin. I usually go for the basic simple wipes. If you are using non scented wipes and still get irritation it could be due to wiping too vigorously so be gentle even if you are in a rush.


Simple wipes £1-£4- Available in boots, superdrug, supermarkets and local pharmacies.

For washing my face and cleansing it I use the Lancome cremè-mousse confort, which is for dry skin it’s rose scented, I use this mainly on my dry areas like my nose and my forehead as that’s where dryness will flag up the most. Lancome also do the gel èclat which is designed for all skin types, so I use this on the other areas. I got the gel èclat as a gift set and it came with a muslin cloth. When cleansing my face I wet it with luke warm water, i’ll take a small amount of the cremè- mousse confort and rub it in to my dry areas. I then take a medium sized amount of the gel èclat and create a lather by rubbing it into my hands first before applying to my face, once applying to my face I will rub the product in using my finger tips for a few minutes ensuring that i’m getting all that grime from the day off my face. Once doing this, I will get the muslin cloth that I have and run it under hot water rinsing the excess, before using like a wipe to wipe the product off my face. After thats all done I’ll rinse my face with cold water to close my pores back up and refresh my skin.

IMG_2850 copyIMG_2849 copy

£19-£23- Available online at the lancome website, also available in store at debenhams, john lewis and house of fraser.

Moisturise always baby girl!

I find that I often forget this step at times, especially in the mornings when i’m rushing to get to work. But it makes all the difference and helps create a barrier for all the crap day to day life throws at you. It has taking me years and years to find a moisturiser that hasn’t caused me to break out, whilst actually doing the job at hand. Heavy moisturisers always over oil my skin and light moisturisers don’t always moisturise but just sit on my face. So when i got gifted Charlotte tilbury’s Magic cream I was apprehensive, the cream itself is light and airy in consistency. But the stuff is honestly magic after a few weeks of using it I could start to see a major difference instead of my skin looking dull and drained, my skin looked dewy and hydrated. I will usually moisturise twice a day if I get the chance; once in the morning and once before bed.

IMG_2851 copy

Charlotte tilbury’s magic cream £70- Available online, in john lewis and selfridges. 

For spots, pimples and acne

The old notion that spots stop as you reach adolescence is a myth. Spots used to host little celebrations on my face every day . Reaching adulthood I would love to say my spot level has decreased, however i’d be lying if I said I never get them anymore. For those struggling with spots on a daily basis or just spots that pop up when ever they feel like it without paying rent, this may be beneficial. A few years ago I discovered the magic overnight spot annihilator. This infamous miracle spot worker is Sudocrem, it comes in a little tub and trust me a little goes a long way i’ve had the same tub for a year or so now and its not even at the halfway point. After washing and moisturising my face I will usually get a pea sized amount on my finger and dab it on the affected area I don’t rub it in as I like to let it seep in to the spots. Sudocrem is designed to dry the skin out and not moisturise it so I usually won’t risk drying out the rest of my face by rubbing it in. No matter how tempting it may be.


Sudocrem- £2-£5 Available in boots, superdrug, local pharmacies. 

And thats that really guys, it’s pretty basic, i’m always open to new products too so please feel free to leave some of your miracle workers in the comments below!

Stay tuned as i’ll be back here next week writing about not going to university.